We now have a new Youth Director, Brandon Smith.  Please come join us as we worship, fellowship, and grow our youth program here at the church.

Youth meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the youth room, then attend the worship celebration at 10:30 a.m.  On Sunday evening the youth gather at 4:00 p.m. for fellowship and study.  They can be found gathered at the church, or at a member’s home for a “Fireside.” They regularly engage in outings, mission projects, and community service.  

Parents, we have a great line up of fun youth activities planned through June!  We are really encouraging parents to get involved with youth and to encourage your youth to get involved!  We are losing 5 really active youth, Laura Fields, Drew Griggs, Lorebeth Keeble, Tess Staples, Adeline Treadwell in August (and a few sooner due to summer camps/jobs).  Between now and then, our seniors have planned this youth agenda to show our younger youth their favorite activities for the past 6 years.  We are pairing up with former youth director, Jesse Guffin’s youth group at Woodlawn FUMC, because they have a great group of youth that have forged great relationships with our youth through mission trips and other activities, like paintball (which we hope to do in the summer).  We can only grow our youth through consistent attendance at SS and youth, commitment, enthusiasm, inviting friends and parental involvement.  Please, please, please make youth attendance at DFUMC a priority!  We had 20 youth in attendance this past Sunday at the Bynum’s and it was awesome!  Every one of your teens count every week and parental involvement is vital for the growth and success of our youth program.  Please help Brandon grow our youth!

April 29         Putt Putt Golf in Auburn & Bruster's Ice Cream

May 6   CiCi’s Pizza and Laser Tag in Auburn with Woodlawn Church Youth

May 13  Mother’s Day - No Youth
                Baccalaureate Service for Tallassee HS (Laura)

May 18  Graduation for Laura at THS

May 20  Senior Sunday
                Game Night at Church or Outdoor Movie Night (I Can Only Imagine); Popcorn and coke provided by _________________
                Baccalaureate for DHS/BRHS

May 24  Graduation Night DHS (Sam Stephenson) and Lee Scott Academy (Eric Schuster)
May 25  Graduation Night BRHS (Lorebeth, Adeline, Tess)

May 27  Tentative Lock-In, need all parents to help with refreshments.

VBS and Youth Mission Trip - TBA

June 3  Lake Fun Fireside at Staples with Woodlawn Church Youth

June 10 Surge Trampoline Park in Auburn and CiCi’s Pizza

June 16 Tentative Six Flags with Woodlawn Church Youth

June 17 Father’s Day/Car Tag! Refreshments provided by ________________________

June 24 “Like Arrows” Outdoor Movie Night, Popcorn and Coke provided by Staples





















ARM's Mission Trip 2016